Would your company leave Lotus Notes for GMail?

An email with a reference to this blog entry came across my desk. I just have one question to ask… Who’s going to test this first?

  • Gerald Howell

    I’m going to be honest, what company is really going to switch from Exchange, Notes, etc to GMail? I can maybe see a small startup but not the big companies. My previous employer had an issue with us working from home, I can imagine their reaction if someone said, “Hey let’s use GMail for our company’s email!” Emoticon

  • Bigger companies might be reluctant, but smaller shops (in IBM lingo that is up to 5000 people) can save a lot of headache. And there is just one little step for bigger shops: Google offers the Google Box for your intranet search. That very box can run Google Apps and gMail. So you could have your cake and eat it too: gMail UI, Google taking care of the app, but sitting inside your firewall.
    Could be very disruptive. This is why Microsoft and IBM are on their toes (are they Emoticon ) to offer additional value (a.k.a Unified Communication) to escape the comodization of eMail
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    (Disclaimer: I work for IBM)