Lost in a fog

It has been sooo long since I posted anything, and to be honest, I don’t know why. As I sit here reading everyone else’s blogs (for the first time in a while… sorry my friends) announcing that my friend Paul Mooney and the gang at Blue Wave Technology acquired my other friend Warren Elsmore and the fine folks at BE Systems, I wonder to myself, “Why do I feel so out of the loop?”

I really have had a lot to say… Things I’ve started blogging and things I’ve started podcasting, but as I review it, I begin to delete it all. I think that part of it is guilt that I haven’t been blogging or podcasting. Part of it is that a lot of my rage and anger will come out, and I’ll say something stupid (well, more stupid than usual).

I’m not sure where I’m at anymore, or even what I’m doing in life. All I know is that I love my wife and daughter and that’s about it. I know that for many that is enough, but I used to have a lot more going, but it seems to fade all away. I don’t feel like a contributor in life anymore… just a consumer. For me, that’s no way to live life.

I don’t mean to sound like a buzzkill… I really am happy for everyone else (including the posse at Idea JamBruce and Gayle, Matt, Sean… what a sweet idea that needed to be done!), I’m just not sure I’m ‘there’ anymore.