A Lotusphere Request

My daughter and I are both fighting some sort of bug. The ‘stuff’ (also known as Tchokies) I brought home from Lotusphere used to make her happy, so I thought that I’d throw out this request. (I figured that just telling her I asked would make her feel better.) I’m not too proud to beg, especially if it’s for my daughter.

If you happen to stop by the Product Showcase or any of the Labs and you see something that would be cool for a little girl (or her daddy), grab an extra one. The Labs and Product Showcase close at 5PM today, and most of them don’t want to ship any of that stuff back. (I received a case of shot glasses that way one year.) Email me, and I’ll send you my address. I will pay for the shipping, and will somehow give you a finder’s fee. Thank you in advance!

While I’m on the subject, what is the coolest ‘tchokie’ that you ever got from Lotusphere for a family member, a friend, or yourself? Reply in the comments.