Lotusphere in a batch!

For those of you fortunate enough to go to Lotusphere 2008, Stephan Wissel has come up with a way to get all the presentation downloads from Lotusphere Online in a batch… all 177 of them! Volker Weber has the instructions for doing it on the Mac. Thanks Stephan and Volker!

For those of us not at Lotusphere, things will take a lot longer… Hopefully, the speakers have blogs or sites where they placed their presentations… Hunt, click, download… Hunt, click, download… Hunt, click, download… Another reason to go to Lotusphere…

  • Jess Stratton

    Hi Ray!!!
    I have some swag for you! Send me your address to jess.42@gmail.com. I loved how you were still there with us via blogs and twitter even though you couldn’t be there in person.

  • Ray, Perry Hiltz here, contact me via emailEmoticon