I am excited but scared we are now 22 weeks and I can feel the baby moving and sometimes its a little painful. I don’t remember feeling this way with Kiara but all babys are diffrent. I am carrying high and everyone except the doctors say its a boy but I will be happy with a girl or boy I don’t care. Thanks for listening to me bable. Jen

  • Suggestion for next baby post…

    Lead off with *who* is making the post. I got severely weirded out when I got to the line “I am carrying high” thinking it was Ray doing the writing…


  • @Duffbert – ROTFL. I had a similar reaction, I must admit.

    @Ray and Jen: Congratulations! Great news.

  • Congrats to both of you!

  • WOW Congrats!!! Yay!!!
    Yes, you needed a heads up. I didn’t get weirded out reading “sometimes it is a little painful” but I thought, “boy he’s got some nerve!” Emoticon

  • Hey Congrats and start clearing that home office space.

  • Congratulations!!

    Can I assume that the baby shower will be held here:

    { Link }


  • Kitty & Warren Elsmore

    Hey. Many, many congratulations Ray and Jen. So happy for you.Emoticon

  • Like I just dm’d you on twitter:
    Dude, how did I not know, or miss, that you guys are expecting! That’s awesome man! Congrats! Emoticon

    What’s the ETA? I’m too tired already this morning to do the math to figure out approx 18 weeks from now.

  • Congratulations to your both! The pride is getting much bigger!