Best Practices for ACL settings on Domino mail files?

Twitter seems to be acting up, so I guess I’ll ask it here:
Does anyone know of any best practices regarding the Administration Server for a mail file. I’m especially interested in anyone’s experiences with setting the reader/author fields settings there.

  • If I create a new user, the mail server is set as the admin server with “do not modify names fields”.

    The names field setting is somewhat at odds with what I’d expect.

  • And there lies the rub, Colin!

    I’m trying to nail down if I need to change the names field setting on our user’s mail files…

  • Leave them alone! The default settings are the ones you need, which means the Administration server needs to be set and the Action needs to be “Do not Modify names fields.” The same default settings are needed for the Directory, AdminP, etc. The AdminP code knows how to handle mail files, directories, etc with the default settings.

  • We’re starting to notice an issue with users being moved from one OU to another…
    The delegated users to those moved people end up not being able to move or change the calendar entries that have the names with the old OU’s.
    With some testing, we found that once the names in the calendar entries match the mail file owner names, it starts working…

  • Sounds liek adminp is not running enough or the admin db has items to be approved manually. CHeck it and make sure anythign that can be automated is automated.

  • AH – that one is easy. Run the Delayed Process more often than once a week – the default is Sunday midnight. You can run it every night if you want to, and this actually decreases the once a week work that normally occurs on Sunday. It’s one of the tips I put in this FAQ doc a while back:

    Title: Frequently Asked Questions – The Administration Process (AdminP)
    URL: { Link }

    Doing this will get you a maximum delay of part of one workday.