Allow me to introduce you to…

…Baby BOY (aka ‘TBA’) Bilyk! Here are some ultrasound pictures taken this morning.

Ultrasound Picture 1 (of 2) of Baby Boy (aka 'TBA') Bilyk - July 8, 2008

Ultrasound Picture 2 (of 2) of Baby Boy (aka 'TBA') Bilyk - July 8, 2008

We just found out that we’re having a boy! We’ve got a lot of shopping to do for boy clothes now, but it’s worth having a balanced male/female ratio in the Pridelands!

  • Awesome news guys! Congrats!!

  • That’s great Ray, pre-Congratulations! Hope momma and <baby> have a comfortable trip Emoticon.

  • Woot! Good for you!

    (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my daughter; but every man needs a son).

    Congratulations my friend. I hope to see you guys soon.


  • Excellent! Congratulations, Ray!

  • Many congrats!!!

  • Congratulations Ray!

  • Very exciting! Enjoy!

  • Congrats Ray! I see the paternal resemblance. ‘e’s a good lookin’ lad!

  • Congrats, Ray.

    Kind of envy the even-number thing, living in the estrogen-heavy environment (two daughters) that I do …

  • Congratulations!! Now you can buy all teh fun stuff, model railroads, remote controlled toys, and have a valid excuse. Emoticon

  • I’m so happy for you guys Ray! Woohoo, a boy! I certainly am glad I have one of each. I know you will enjoy and love both of them in their own special ways! Emoticon