HELP! What are your mail quotas?

Please take 30 seconds… Can everybody just reply with what their mail quotas are set to in their environments? Another option is email raybilyk at gmail dot com. Your response is much appreciated!

  • No quotas at all. 530 users. Largest mail file is around 5 GB.

  • Marco Simon

    100 MB for 500 users 200 MB for 3 i’ve-no-time-to-clean-up-my-inbox-users Emoticon

  • DougB

    Last employer: Domino. 4gb live file, unlimited archives – had some over 20gb in size New employer: Exchange (2k3) 50mb inbox, no local pst’s

  • I thought I posted already but it hasn’t shown up. We don’t use quotas here. 530 users with the largest mail file of 5 GB. We do use an archive server for anything older then 18 months.

  • Generally 1 GB, except of course for those “special” users. Emoticon

  • Hi Ray, We don’t use ’em at all. Turned them off after too many issues with our users ignoring the warning messages and then when the quota is reached they can’t do anything. Silly users!

  • We have “quota”s at 200 MB and warnings at 150 MB. But once 200 is reached, our users can still recieve e-mail, but just not SAVE anything. naturally some of the smarter ones have figured out that in order to “save” they just need to copy themselves in. Since the e-mail comes back, they get to keep it.

  • We don’t use quotas here but I’ve set them at 250 MB a warning and 300 MB limit with the router stopping delivery after a user hits the quota.Emoticon

  • Normal User : 400MB Above Average User: 800 MB Heavy User : 1000 MB C Level : Unlimited Server Archive : unlimited

  • Most have 200mb. Some senior folks have up to 500mb.

  • joe admin

    none, 450 users, 2 mail servers clustered, largest mailbox is 8GB I have not restored a mailbox from backup in 3 years.

  • Quotas? We don’t need no stinking quotas! I never use them, disk space is cheap and don’t need teh admin overhead. A large client of mine uses 500MB but another has people with 12GB mail files who don’t like to archive. I recommend archiving over mail quotas especially as the archiove can go on a backup spare server.

  • 100 hard (no emails anymore), 80 warning. Some user with temporary more quota. local Archiving + Mailbox Costumizing with an Agent, which saves and deletes attachments (got that from ONTF or so)

  • Thousands of users with a quota of 1Gb on the live mail file.. go above it your mail file locks out. (this is clearly defined in the AUP). When the server locks out the account, a Help Desk ticket is automatically created and sent to the user’s Manager as a reportable “abuse” situation. The Manager then has to authorize the Help Desk op to release the account. 3 strikes and the user gets reported to HR and they get an offical telling off. We have no-one over 500 mb We had one “Special Case” his server mail file was approx 20gb. A transient HW fault on a disk caused some corruption in his file and the consistency check took several hours and slowed the crap out of the server. We sent a post incident report stating that the recovery of the server and the catch up period was markedly increased because of the “special case” .. his special case status was removed.

  • Kirsty

    200mb for most users, no quotas for senior managers and directors, and no quotas for Group mailboxes. Unlimited archive files, with anything over 90 days automatically archived. Mail still delivered even if over quota.

  • Quota on my employer’s Exchange server is 100 MB. No quotas on my Domino server, but I keep my active mail file under 2 GB using one large archive db.

  • Ingo Spichal

    No qoutas, 2700 users, largest mailbox is around 2 GB. Our users have to pay for mailboxes larger than 100 MB and if they reach 2GB, they are blocked for sending mails.

  • 150MB for about 250 users. External incoming mails still being delivered. Unlimited archive files for everybody. Less than 10 “special users”, read directors, with no quota. Biggest mailfile is around 800MB. Those asking for larger quotas only because they “don’t have time to do a cleanup”, get the standard question if they also buy a bigger desk because their’s is overloaded with paper ‘n’ stuff. Emoticon

  • Alison

    No quotas but a warning at 1GB. Only 60 users – 11 over 1 GB & 2 are around 2.5Gb.

  • 95%of my 153 users have a 75mb quota, the rest range from 100 to 150mb

  • Rob Axelrod

    This is something that is always of interest to me. I’ll tell three things, what my clients do, what people tell me when I ask at a seminar and what I think they should be. 1. Many of my clients (almost all 5,000+ employees) have no quota and have mail files that range up to 30GB though normal users are much smaller than that. I have one client with a 150MB limit which causes most of the users a great deal of pain and wasted time. 2. When I ask people at presentations that I do I find that over 50% have no quota and that the rest break down from 150MB to 2GB 3. I strongly believe in no quota or a very high quota *BUT* this should be combined with some form of automated document management to help the users comply with your organizations legal requirements and get rid of old documents. Consider lower cost disk solutions with clustering for Domino. You don’t need to be on the top of the line Shark or EMC with all the bells and whistles. It just needs to be fast. HTH, Rob