UPDATE: TSM for Domino mail servers

Thanks to Keith Brooks, Jim Casale, Rob McDonagh, and Chuck Dean for their comments and advice on this issue, which involved a comment from Tivoli Support that stated that we had to remove Windows Terminal Services (Remote Desktop) because of issues with backing up our Domino Server with TSM. Based on your suggestions, we tested running Remote Desktop with the /console switch. It worked as you all said… THANK YOU!

I knew I could depend on my friends in the community once again.

  • Jim Casale

    Just remember if you install SP3 on XP you need to change the switch to /admin. Microsoft changed it in SP3 for some reason.

  • Jim beat me to it! Ray we’re here to help, besides terminal services is much more fun when you use a Windows Mobile device Emoticon Because you can’t put the /console in anywhwere. although I think some hack for it exists so you can. Ah to sit on the beach and do domino management Emoticon