Lotusphere 2012 Sessions Information is out… What great speakers and sessions!

Wow! Just… wow! There are some GREAT SESSIONS at Lotusphere 2012! The speaker list is ‘off the hook’ as well! (I tried by submitting a session or two, but wasn’t picked… based on what they are going to see at #LS12, they won’t miss me!)

If you are still on the fence about attending Lotusphere 2012, here’s five reasons to attend (courtesy of IBM): TOP FIVE REASONS TO ATTEND LOTUSPHERE 2012

If you want to see the session list, click here (courtesy of IBM). I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we see Ben Langhinriches from Genii Software and Tim Davis of the Turtle Partnership release the ultra awesome Lotusphere Sessions application for Lotus Notes and mobile devices. (It sounds like they’re going to supercharge it for 2012… can’t wait!)