Great post by Kathy Brown on how to be a Lotusphere/Connect speaker

There is a great post by Kathy Brown (aka @RunningKathy on Twitter) on how to go from someone who attends a technical conference to one who SPEAKS at a technical conference.

At first, I thought that this post may be too late, but it’s exactly on time! Start your steps now for next year… you can thank her later, but I’m sure she won’t turn down a beverage sooner than that. (Quick tip – she runs EVERY DAY, so don’t give it to her while she’s running because she probably doesn’t want to spill it!)

I can attest personally to the steps she suggests, but as she says… your mileage may vary.

Confessions of a Lotusphere Speaker – Running Notes

GO READ IT… NOW! If not for this year, certainly for next year!