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Live blogging at IBM Connect 2014

I’m going to attempt to live blog the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2014 (#IBMConnect).
I’ll do my best to keep all of you up to date with what is happening during the main events.
I will also try to get my colleague, Jessica Daniels, to blog about #IBMConnect on her blog, Domino Dev with JD.

My new post on the Detroit Notes Professionals User Group blog – ‘IBM Connect 2014 – Here it comes!’

I’ve posted a little something about my feeling on IBM Connect 2014 on the Detroit Notes Professionals user group site, which is found at The post includes why you should go, some tips and an invitation to meet up. Check it out here:

IBM Connect 2014 – Here it comes! Buttons (UPDATE 2013-02-26) (formerly had a contest to see how many buttons people kept from different Lotuspheres and other conferences through the years. I found a few of them, but I know that a few more are in boxes under boxes in my basement. I’ve got to get in there and see how many more I have… Some buttons through the years.

What do you think?


Great post by Kathy Brown on how to be a Lotusphere/Connect speaker

There is a great post by Kathy Brown (aka @RunningKathy on Twitter) on how to go from someone who attends a technical conference to one who SPEAKS at a technical conference.

At first, I thought that this post may be too late, but it’s exactly on time! Start your steps now for next year… you can thank her later, but I’m sure she won’t turn down a beverage sooner than that. (Quick tip – she runs EVERY DAY, so don’t give it to her while she’s running because she probably doesn’t want to spill it!)

I can attest personally to the steps she suggests, but as she says… your mileage may vary.

Confessions of a Lotusphere Speaker – Running Notes

GO READ IT… NOW! If not for this year, certainly for next year!

IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013 – Call for Abstracts Deadline Extended to November 7, 2012!

Received an email this morning:

News from IBM Connect 2013!

Be more than an attendee at IBM Connect 2013. Be a speaker! The Call for Abstracts deadline has been extended to Midnight ET on November 7, 2012. Act fast to submit your abstract for consideration! Learn more about submitting an abstract.

For any of you last minute types, get it in QUICKLY!

Also, they still have a $100 discount for Lotusphere ‘Alumni’…

Please enter promotion code ICFHJN when you register as a full conference attendee and receive an additional $100 USD off the prevailing rate. Register now to save!

If you have registered yet, now’s a good time (especially since you’ve already voted…. You DID vote, right?)