#IBMConnect – Begging for your help!

I have to admit… I love playing games, but I love to WIN games even more! This year at #IBMConnect 2014, there’s a new way for all of us here to share information… #IBMConnect – The Game!

IBM Connect 2014 Game Console

#IBMConnect – The Game
It’s time to join in on #IBMConnect – The Game. In this fun event, you will be rewarded points for participating in online activities, like posting pictures with an IBM Champion on Twitter and Instagram and using the #IBMChamp hashtag, or joining your team for a LEGO building challenge in the Social Café.
When you sign up at the registration desk, you will find which team you are on—red, yellow, blue or green. Your mission is to rally your team members and jointly gather as many points as possible. Watch around the conference for physical game stations you can visit to earn more points for yourself and your team. You can also earn points by going to one of the Mad hatters and asking for a ‘minute to win it’ challenge.

Here in Connect Online, click on the Social tab, click the Get In the Game ‘Start now’ widget to associate your Twitter and Instagram handles to your conference ID.


  • There will be individual play and team play
  • There is a team reward: The winning team will have offerings donated in their name to Vital Voices, an internationally respected nonprofit that empowers women making meaningful changes in their communities.
  • There are daily individual prizes:
    • Four GoPro cameras will be awarded – one a day – to the individual with the highest point total for that day or time period.
    • The first 100 players to reach a point plateau (total to be revealed during game play) win a prize to be picked up in the Social Cafe.

Earning Points:
Once you are set up, there are many ways to earn points, including:

  • Tweet using the #IBMConnect hashtag
  • Get retweeted. For each retweet of your #IBMConnect Tweet, you will receive points
  • Post pictures on Instagram using the #IBMConnect hashtag
  • Receive “likes” on that Instagram photo

To learn more, go to ibm.co/thegame, read the Frequently Asked Questions, or look for @Brenny online or at the conference. He’ll be wearing a stove-top hat and wandering around issuing challenges and giving away points.

I REALLY WANT TO WIN, so I need your help! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and please like and retweet my posts! The more that help, the better chance I have of winning! There are a lot of people here with more followers than me, but I’m hoping that with your help, I can push up the leaderboard! Thanks in advance for your help!