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What a great Lotusphere OGS (even if you weren’t there)

With 3 PC’s and multiple applications and browser windows open, I just finished watching (via Twitter, a few liveblogging sessions and even a live video feed) the Opening General Session for Lotusphere 2009. I’m still digesting my notes and the vibe ‘from the outside looking in’, and I have to feed my daughter some breakfast, so I will have more to say in a bit.

Bloggers and Twitter folks, keep doing what you’re doing… it’s helping the rest of us keep up! Oh, and Ed Brill, could you please send me an application (or whatever I have to do) to get in that Blogger’s Program?

My Lotusphere Schedule (and an idea)

Here’s my Lotusphere schedule in case anyone is interested…

Oh, that’s right… I won’t be there…

Have fun everyone… BLOG and TWITTER OFTEN!

I also have an idea, but I have to run a couple of tests… I may be able to participate from here (with your help)… more later!

Eric Mack and eProductivity (on Lotus Notes) mentioned on Lifehacker

Congratulations to Eric Mack and his sweet looking product, eProductivity, which was mentioned by the GTD Guru himself, David Allen, when he was interviewed by Lifehacker about his new book.

Lifehacker: What’s been your favorite productivity discovery of the last year (or recent years)?
DA: Eric Mack’s eProductivity addition to Lotus Notes and Jott.

I have to admit that I have to call it ‘sweet looking’ because I haven’t used it yet, but as I’m working on my 2009 goals (more on that later), I’m taking a look at the Getting Things Done approach.

Also, in case you didn’t know, for those of you going to Lotusphere 2009, David and Eric will be presenting, hosting a BOF (Birds of a Feather) and Eric’s company has a pedestal there. They are even giving away a 2009 eProductivity Reference database for the cost of your business card. (You Lotusphere attendees are SO LUCKY!)

Happy 2009!

I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy 2009! Last year, I said, “May it be better than the way 2007 ended! Peace and Good Will to all!”

Believe me, it was better… I still hope for Peace and Good Will to all!