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To those attending IBM ConnectED, a humble request…

I’m president of a local homebrew (beer) club, and we are looking for 4-6 bottles of Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter direct from its homeland… If anyone could bring some over, we could trade for 4-6 bottles (or a growler) of fine craft beer from Michigan (home of Bell’s and Founders Breweries among others).
In fact, if you have any porters (or other ‘great but hard to get in the US’ beers) you would be interested in parting with or trading, let me know! Thanks!

The website and mobile apps for IBM ConnectED 2015 have been announced!

I’ve been wondering about this… They just officially announced the website and apps for IBM ConnectED 2015:

IBM Event Connect for ConnectED 2015 is available now – build your agenda, download the presentations and engage in the conversation!

Point your desktop or mobile browser to http://ibmeventconnect.com/ConnectED and create your profile using your registration email id as the user id and your Event registration confirmation code as your password. We recommend that you change your password by clicking on the “Welcome….” in the top right corner. Although this site does not contain any confidential information about you, you’ll want to protect your agenda and any information you choose to share. Once your profile is created, upload a picture and tell us more about yourself!

If you’re logging in from an iOS or Android device, and don’t already have the mobile app installed, you’ll see a link to download and install IBM Event Connect Center, the mobile companion app.

Username: *************************
Password: ************************

NOTE: If you have already created a profile for a previous IBM conference that used Event Connect (Insight 2014, IBM Digital Experience 2014), use that user id and password – it is still active! If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot your Password?” link below the login link the website.

Built on IBM technology, Event Connect includes a personalized agenda builder where you can search sessions by track, day, time, speaker or keyword. Build your agenda and find conference highlights, special events, and logistical information to help navigate the event. If you choose, you can create a profile that can be viewed by all conference attendees, post comments and questions in forums, set up your own network of ConnectED attendees, share status updates — and more. During the event you can view the latest conference news and updates, access session presentations, and complete conference surveys. Event Connect can be accessed from your personal computer, mobile device or from conference kiosks located in the event venues.

If you have any questions or feedback, e-mail IBMEventConnect@us.ibm.com.

Thanks to fellow IBM Champion Keith Brooks for giving me the heads up on this before the official announcement!

See you all there!!!

2015 Class of IBM Champions for ICS have been announced… so humbled and honored!


After the evening, night and morning that I had, I was surprised by a text message by my brother, Devin Olson:

Congratulations Champ!

Needless to say (but saying anyway), I am SO HUMBLED and HONORED to have been selected as a 2015 IBM Champion for ICS! Last year was a complete whirlwind of energy, excitement, and knowledge sharing. I thought that I would be ‘one and done’, and I was okay with that! With this honor, I will not only continue to ‘learn and share’, ‘collaborate and teach’ and ‘exchange knowledge and ideas’ to the community at large.

One way I’m hoping to do this is by bringing back and enhancing a user group here in Michigan! There have been a couple of them over the years, including my ‘home’ UG, Detroit Notes Professionals, but they have really been in need of some attention. In 2015, they will get that attention… at least from me!

Congratulations also go out to my friends and fellow IBM Champions, and welcome to the new IBM Champions selected for 2015!!! See you all at IBM ConnectED 2015! (The rest of you are coming, right? If not, you should… register HERE!)

Thank you to Amanda Bauman (IBM Champion Program Manager) and Oliver Heinz (ICS Community Manager) for all of their hard work in 2014. Let the fun (and hard work) continue in 2015!