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IBM Social Business User Community – Where all the Cool Kids are going

Well that didn’t take long…

After my previous post about SocialBiz User Group’s site getting retired, I received a couple of responses on my Facebook page fromĀ Wannes Rams andĀ Oliver Busse about the launch of the IBM Social Business User Community, the NEW and IMPROVED place for the IBM Social Business (and user group) community to go. It’s slick, and IBM will be giving it the continuing love and attention sites like this need!

Because it’s part of the whole DeveloperWorks environment (which is based on IBM Connections), that gives all of you ANOTHER reason to join us over there if you’re not already a member! Once you are a member, head over to the IBM Social Business User Community and become a member!


I’ll see you all there! #IBMSocialUG

MWLUG 2014: SA108: Homebrew Your Own Metrics-An IBM Domino Administrator’s Guide to SNMP

Tom Bilan and I would like to thank everyone for attending our session at MWLUG 2014Homebrew your own Metrics-An IBM Domino Administrator’s Guide to SNMP. (I also want to thank everyone that grabbed some of my homebrew as well!)

Here is our slide deck for the session:

Personally, I want thank Tom for speaking with me. He’s a great presenter, an awesome person, and one of the smartest people I know. I’m constantly learning from him, and hope to continue to work with him for years to come.

Please feel free to provide us with any feedback on the session, both from the session evaluations and by email/comments below. We have some ideas for additional sessions in the future, and we strive to be better every time.

Also, for those of you that took some of my homebrew, please feel free to provide me any honest feedback. I’m trying to get better with that every day as well.

How to fix Message Tracking in Lotus Domino

There have been times that the Message Tracking (MTC) functionality on my Domino servers have gone south. It’s rare but it does happen. When it does, it needs to be deleted and recreated. Fortunately, IBM has created a Technote (Reference #1221830) for just such an occasion.

What are the steps to recreate the Message Tracking Store (MTSTORE.NSF) database and its associated MTDATA subdirectory?

To recreate the MTSTORE.NSF and MTDATA subdirectory, do the following:

1. Shut down the Domino Administrator client.

2. Issue Tell Router quit on the server console.

3. Delete the MTDATA subdirectory at the Operating System level*. MTDATA is a subdirectory of the Domino data directory.

*If you receive a message that the directory is in use, issue the following command on the server console:

dbcache flush

and then try to delete the directory again.

4. Issue Load Router on the server console.

5. Launch the Domino Administrator client and select the Files tab. You should see a MTDATA folder, which contains the new MTSTORE.NSF.

Restarting the Router task also restarts the MTCollector task. The MTDATA subdirectory is created when Message Tracking is enabled in the Configuration document and the Router task is restarted.

If you’re not sure what Message Tracking is, take a look at IBM Technote #1165592 for more details. (This also has a chart with associated tasks and commands! Thanks IBM!)