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Resolutions are DUMB… here are my GOALS for 2014! (Thanks Brian Brushwood!)

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! This is the time of year when people come out with their annual resolutions, and in the past, I was one of them. This year, I’m thinking more realistic… I’m setting GOALS! Brian Brushwood (website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+) has helped me see the light! Because of his guidance, I’ve decided to set GOALS for 2014, so without further delay, here are my GOALS for 2014:

Exercise 4 times a week
Brew a batch of beer every 2 weeks
Lose 50 pounds by 31 December 2014
Have a ‘date night’ with Jennifer every two weeks
Have 1 family activity every month
Write down my angry feelings (including date/time) in Evernote AND LET IT GO!
Create a respectable bar, including the correct liquors and glasses
Plan a family trip to another state by 31 October 2014
Learn Domino application development and create an application
Set up my man cave

By placing them out in the open, I’m now held accountable, and I hope YOU will help me with this. Feel free to ping me, call me, text me, call me out… I promise to work hard on making these real and measurable.

Here is Brian Brushwood’s video that inspired me to write this post. Hopefully it will inspire you as well:

Have a Happy and Successful 2014!


Goodbye 1999 Honda CR-V (22 April 2002 – 29 October 2013)

You were a good car… and I hope that your new owner enjoys you as much as we did…

2013-03-09 13.53.39 2013-03-09 13.54.22 2013-03-09 13.54.51

Via con Dios!

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That’s the kind of guy Bruce Elgort is… (Thank You Bruce! #ThanksBruce)

At my first Lotusphere, I was nervous, shy and unsure of what I was doing. I was reading blogs by other people, and knew of Bruce Elgort from his blog, and this incredible site called (now known as that he and Nathan Freeman put together. Imagine… open source Notes applications and code, all ready to use. I knew that I needed to meet these guys and thank them for making my life easier.

As it turned out, when I introduced myself to Bruce, he immediately started introducing me to everyone else… all my Notes ‘heroes’, and immediately began to make me feel comfortable and welcomed. That’s the kind of guy Bruce Elgort is…

Flash forward to a dark time in my life when I thought that I would not only be denied funding for Lotusphere, but thought about leaving the Notes/Domino world completely. Along comes Bruce Elgort with a proposition for me… needed a booth babe, and I needed a ticket to Lotusphere, and before I knew it, I was one of the ugliest booth babes in the planet, spending my nights and weekends before the big event downloading the apps and trying them out so I could be a subject matter expert on their functionality. I was able to do this a couple of times for the organization, which kept my Notes/Domino batteries recharged until I was able to find a better job. That’s the kind of guy Bruce Elgort is…

I’ve made comments on Twitter, Facebook and my blog, and immediately received a ping from Bruce consoling me, congratulating me, advising me or just saying hello. That’s the kind of guy Bruce Elgort is…

I consider Bruce and Gayle Elgort two of the most important people in my life, whether they realize it or not. I’m not just talking in my technical world, but in my life overall! My wife knows this, so much so that she started following Gayle and Bruce in social media when I wasn’t keeping her up on how my trips to Florida were going. Bruce has a way of embracing us all and making us feel like family… including the good natured teasing! Only family could do that! That’s the kind of guy Bruce Elgort is…

Bruce, THANK YOU for OpenNTF, for IdeaJam, for everything you’ve done for the community, for your calls, for your emails, for your pings, for your love and zest for life and the good in all of us, and most of all, for your friendship! #ThanksBruce


That’s how we roll in Detroit…

…thanks to the new Google Maps app!


I miss you, Dad!

On this date 21 years ago, my father passed away. It was the first time that I ever saw him weak, and as I saw the life leave his eyes, I saw that I thought was fear. I always thought that it was him fearing what was next. I now realize that he was fearful for what was going to happen to all of us left behind.
After many trials and tribulations, I think that we’re hanging in there.
As I’m getting older, I’m seeing someone familiar looking at me in the mirror…

I miss you, Dad!


St Pius X Parish Motorcycle Blessing – Saturday, June 1st starting at 8:30AM

St Pius X Motorcycle Blessing 2013

St. Pius X Parish is hosting a Motorcycle Blessing on Saturday, June 1st at 8:30AM. Coffee and donuts will be served and the first 60 people will receive a reflective decal for their bike or helmet. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!
St Pius X Parish is located at 14101 Superior St in Southgate. Join us!


Happy 11th Birthday Kiara Anne!

What happened to the years? You’re growing up to be a very beautiful young lady! We’re so proud of you and we love you very much!

Happy birthday!

Kiara at almost 6 months

Kiara at almost 6 months

Kiara's 5th Grade picture

Kiara’s 5th Grade picture

0 Comments Buttons (UPDATE 2013-02-26) (formerly had a contest to see how many buttons people kept from different Lotuspheres and other conferences through the years. I found a few of them, but I know that a few more are in boxes under boxes in my basement. I’ve got to get in there and see how many more I have… Some buttons through the years.

What do you think?



Anyone going to IBM Connect (#IBMConnect #LS13) early and want to Park Hop? (UPDATE 1/24)

I have 4 one day Disney Parkhopper tickets that I can’t use. They expire on Monday, January 28th. They cost $132.06 (including tax) per ticket. I’m willing to part with them for $75 each. I’m even willing to pay for overnight shipping. Contact me via Twitter @raybilyk, by email ( or just reply to this post!

UPDATE: I was asked a question about transferring the tickets… I never used these tickets, and won them in an auction, so they have no names/associated with them. There’s no issue with transferring them.

UPDATE 1/24: I have 2 tickets left. I will be down there on Saturday if anyone is going to the parks on Sunday (Great for the wife/husband/significant other…) CONTACT ME!


Amazon Time Machine

Either Amazon (and the shipping service) has a time machine, or I should start worrying about when my package is going to be delivered:

Maybe it was delivered before I ordered it… [Note to self: watch the Back to the Future trilogy]