Police Officers and Firefighters: Heroes

Today, two police officers in Detroit were killed in the line of duty. Normally, this would only bother me because cops shouldn’t be killed, period. It bothered me more than usual though. My wife’s cousin is a cop in the same precinct, the 4th (Southwest Detroit…where I live). I prayed that it wasn’t him. Whenever we are at family functions together, I get the vibe that he doesn’t like me. It bothers me a bit, but I deal with it. He’s never said negative to me in front of me or behind my back (to my knowledge). I’m impressed that he’s a Detroit cop. They’ve become somewhat of a joke to some people, and all because of a couple of ‘bad apples’. That’s got to be a tough gig, though. They deal with all kinds of problems, and whenever there is a problem, THEY are the first ones we call. Both police officers and firefighters are heroes that we should be making movies, tv shows and comic books about…not the crap that Hollywood puts out now! Whenever you read this, go find a cop or firefighter and THANK THEM for getting our back.

Thanks to Andrew Pollack, a volunteer firefighter and fellow blogger, for your commitment to your job.

And to PAUL ‘PAULO’ HERNANDEZ of the 4th Precinct here in the BIG D, THANKS FOR WHAT YOU DO! I may not act like it, but I look up to you for what you do!

TUESDAY UPDATE:There is some information about this on our local NBC affiliate, WDIV.