Disney says NO to Comcast (for now)

According to MSNBC.COM, the board of directors at Disney have rejected the takeover bid from Comcast. They also said that the board “has confidence in the business, financial and creative direction of Disney under the leadership of Michael Eisner and his management team.” The board was also open to other offers or another one from Comcast if it would create “shareholder value” now and in the future.

This tells me two things: One, that they can be bought for the right price, and Two, that in order to calm rumors about Eisner, they will support him so that THEY don’t look like the bad guy and then someone else can fire him. All of this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I try not to think of Disney as a company but an ideal. The Mouse shouldn’t be in it for the money. I guess that I’m just living in a fantasy world there…. Am I wrong?