More problems in SW Detroit… Robbery at McDonald’s

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There was a robbery at the local McDonald’s restaurant this morning. This is the second McDonald’s to be built on that property. (The first one was torn down because it was old and could not be remodeled any further.) I worked at that McDonald’s (the old one) for six years. During that time, I was robbed at gunpoint once, and the store was robbed more than a dozen times. The only reason that I’m even commenting on this is that is occurred in Southwest Detroit…in the same precinct that the two cops were killed a day ago, and that in the report, the manager (who obviously didn’t work there when I did) stated that it was the first time that the Vernor McDonald’s was ever robbed. Just another day in paradise…

  • Lulu

    Well as a former employee of the sw side McDonalds i think they need more employees like you and John that scared the hell out of the people so noone ever thought about robby us. LOL lu