Vandals hit the Joe Louis ‘Fist’

We have a sculpture of what is suppose to be Joe Lewis’ fist here in Downtown Detroit. Yesterday morning, a couple of idiots went out and painted it white. They were caught later that day. (Get the story here.) I think what makes me upset is not the fact that it was defaced (although I am bothered by it), but that the police were so quick to find who did it, and that the city went out later yesterday and washed it clean. I know…it had to be cleaned, but they were so fast to do that, yet to get them to do ANY sort of basic city service is like pulling teeth.

About 5 years ago, a huge part of a city tree came down and tore off a part of my roof. They said that they would reimburse me for repairing it. They never did. About 3 1/2 years ago, I gave up on that quest. About 2 years ago, they came by and cut down the tree, but left the stump in front of my house. They said that they would be back later that week. I’m still waiting.

Maybe if I poured white paint on it, they would come out and get rid of it…