It’s Prayer Time!

Keep good thoughts for the Pride, especially me. I’m heading down to downtown Detroit for a hearing on a house I own. About 4 years ago, I lived in a house that caught on fire while Jennifer and I were living there. (Jennifer was pregnant at the time and lost the baby a week later.) It was pretty much smoke damage, along with window/door, electrical, furnace and plumbing damage. It’s probably not a lot in terms of cost, but because of the miscarriage, I spent my energy, time and money on Jennifer instead of repairing the house. We didn’t have house insurance because I don’t even know where to get any. I was really ignorant to that. Fastforward to today, the city thinks that because it’s been unoccupied in over 180 days, it’s eligible for demolition. There is another house on this block that has no one living in it for longer, but I’m the one getting the shaft. The Director of Building Safety promised me it would not be domolished, but I don’t want to depend on someone’s word that has no personal investment in this. I’m going down there to make sure. Please pray for me.