The ‘Rebekah Tauber’ e-mails are REAL!!!

Every so often you get an ‘urban legend’ e-mail. This is NOT the case here!
I’m getting a lot of hits about Rebekah Tauber, so anyone interested in this TRUE story should take a look here for more information:

While you’re stopping by here, leave a comment, and tell us where you’re from and how you originally received information on Rebekah.

  • Amy Alvarez


    This is my sister everyone is praying for and I can tell you that it is such an amazing blessing. I am from Houston and live in Florida now and I, too, am getting emails from everywhere about my own baby sister. Thanks for including this on your site! This young woman is real and really appreciates all the kindness and prayers sent her way!

    Thank you!

    Amy Tauber Alvarez