The Lion King’s take on ‘The Malice at the Palace’

By now, all of North America and most of the rest of the world has seen or heard of what happened at the Palace of Auburn Hills with the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers last Friday night. If you have been living under a rock, take a look here and click on FIGHT VIDEO. According to WDIV-TV aka, they have identified the guy responsible for causing all of this. I knew who it was all this time…it was Ron Artest!

Every professional athlete knows that there is this invisible wall between the fans and the athletes. They get paid millions and millions of dollars to get cheered or booed by fans. That’s why they get paid what they do. You don’t cross the line and get over into the crowd. On an interview this morning, Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings even said this…and he’s getting beer thrown on him all the time. You know, what makes Artest an even bigger idiot is that he ended up attacking the wrong person! What a jackass!

I have another take on this… You have a rap album that you can’t promote because you have a ‘day job’. You want to be known as a tough thug, but your NBA career is getting in the way. You even ask for time off, but get laughed at by everyone else for even thinking about it. What do you do? You add to your ‘thug’ persona by beating up on some fans who are much smaller than you. You get suspended, so now you can spend more time working on promoting your album. Good luck in your new career, Ron. Please don’t come back to basketball!

Oh, and if John Green of West Bloomfield, MI was indeed the man that threw the beer and Artest, THANKS, YOU JERK! You’ve put Detroit behind the 8 Ball again. Even if the Pistons play in Auburn Hills and you’re from West Bloomfield, they’re blaming Detroit, so you owe Detroit (and the Pridelands) an apology. I hope you have a good attorney…you’re gonna need him or her! [UPDATE 11-23-2004 14:42 EST: According to, the police have talked to the guy once, and he’ll probably lose his season tickets and face charges. (See Rich, wishes DO come true!)]