Without Target stores, the Salvation Army needs our help!

As many of you already know, the Salvation Army was unceremoniously asked NOT to put their red kettles in front of their stores. They claim that they’re now enforcing a company policy that’s been in effect for years. I think they’re being Scrooges.

According to The Salvation Army’s national spokesman, Major George Hood, the Target store ban is likely to cost the Christian charity $9 million in lost holiday collections. This is going to directly screw up lives. We have to help!

Head over to http://www.redkettlecampaign.org (a Lotus Domino site) and make a donation. Even if you don’t normally donate, please help! In the ‘Company Name’ field, put my URL (http://bilykspride.servehttp.com) so they know that I sent you there.

Thanks for caring this season!