Deep thoughts

I heard this on the radio last night (on a sports talk show) and thought I’d share it:

When you die, no one ever says about you, “Man, he’s was great with paying his bills” or “He was good about never getting into a car accident or even getting a ticket.” What they remember was how you might have given up a high-paying job to follow your dream, or how good you were to your family and others. We should follow our hearts and our dreams more.
Things that make you go, “Hmmmm…”

  • Too true!

    I’m a big fan of a similar quote (don’t remember where I got it exactly)… It’s “No one on their death bed EVER said they wished they spent more time at the office”.

  • Gayle

    Bruce can attest to what I have always told him about living life…”when you are standing at the Pearly Gates, the question won’t be what kind of house you live in or what type of car do you drive, but what did you do for your fellow man.”

  • Kevin, the quote was from one of my fav’s, “Life’s Little Instruction Book”.

    I hear that. I changed my entire philosophy on life this summer, and it did mean giving up a lot to do what I really wanted to do. The bottom line is that I’ve learned to never settle. Sometimes that means you have to give up something to get what you really want, but if that’s what it takes then so be it. It’s true that we can’t go out do eat as much as we used to now that I’m on my own, but it definately outweighs that! We only get one life. Once I started doing what I really wanted to do, Matt noticed a difference in me immediately. So did I. I’ve never been happier! In another page of “Life’s Little Instruction Book”, there’s another great one. “Live your life so that your epitaph would read, ‘No Regrets’.