Duffbert creates phallic Java

Tom Duff ( aka Duffbert ) did something during the Lotusphere 2005 JumpStart entitled “Java for the Domino Developer” that could be taken the wrong way…not that there’s anything wrong with that….

During his presentation (with Joe Litton), Tom normally dumps water on himself. I guess this year, he used a squeeze type water bottle, and “…between squeezing, closing his eyes and his evident… enthusiasm, there were some who felt that the whole thing took on a somewhat, how shall I say it, ‘erotic’ nature.” (Actual quote from a participant)

Duffbert, we love you, and we kid you because we love you! But that being said…

Duffbert phallic Java will never pass the standards committee.
Duffbert phallic Java will be the future…