The new Blogsphere template and W.Bloggar

I’m testing the new Blogsphere template to see how the Blogger API works for me, but I just can’t get it to work. It keeps telling me that my username and password are incorrect. I know that others have used it successfully so far. What gives?

  • Declan Lynch

    Slight typo in the agent endpoint displayed in the config doc. it should be xml-rpc and not xmlrpc. This is fixed in the next beta.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, Declan! I knew you’d be around.<br><br>I actually caught that error… (That was giving me a 404 error.)<br><br>I guess I’m not sure about the username/password piece. Am I suppose to use a user that’s already in the Domino Directory? I’m trying to use W.Bloggar ( <a href=”“></a&gt; ) to access this test db.

  • If you’re getting an error message like that, the agent is probably working correctly. All I can suggest is to double check ID and PW. w.bloggar usually gives a 500 error if it can’t find the xml-rpc agent.

  • Declan Lynch

    You use the name and password that is is the blog configuration document on the Blogger.API tab.