Birthday Greetings Galore!

Besides missing my friend, Tawnya’s birthday, I missed some other important birthdays. Here they are…

Sunday, April 2nd – my sister-in-law, Brenda McGrath
Sunday, April 2nd – my friend’s son, Joseph Edward Drumsta
Tuesday, April 4th – my friend, Jim Drumsta (Joey’s Dad)
Wednesday, April 5th – my sister’s aunt, ‘Aunt Angel’

Happy Birthday to you all!!!

  • Tawnya

    Comfort Suites!?

    How do you spell my name???

  • Comfort Suites was $60 a night (plus taxes). The client wouldn’t pay much more than that…. I’m not happy about it, believe me. Because of the deal I got, I can’t get any ‘frequent guest’ points, plus I’ve only received one free paper out of 4 each morning.

    Sorry about the name snafu…I just fixed it! I’ve been blogging without the benefit of coffee.