Show-n-Tell Thursday: Getting the ‘Head’ out!

Sorry for the play on words, but this is a simple but awesome tip. I was asked a question about how a user can view the full message headers from a mail message. Other applications make it easy to do, but it’s not very intuitive (word of the week) in Notes. Here’s all you have to do to view the full message:

1. Open the message
2. From the menu bar, select View >> Show >> Page Source.

Shazzam! There’s the full header, as well as the message in its ‘undisturbed’ state.

A short and sweet end user tip. Oh yea, I’m lovin’ it!

  • Not good enough for me. For certain messages, I’d like to see the source before opening it.

    Some time ago I found an agent that does just that. It’s called “ViewPageSource”, and it extracts the mime from the message without rendering it. I created a toolbar button that launches the agent. Now, I select an email, hit the toolbar button, and it shows me the page source in another Notes document.

    I can’t remember where I found the code, though. It’s not annotated or attributed. If I find the source, I’ll post it here.

  • Hey Gerco, can I get a copy of that agent too?

  • It’s in your gmail inbox, Chris!

  • Not fair, Gerco… I started us down this path. The least you could do is send ME the code also…

  • Lol – you’re right, of course. It’s in your inbox, too!