Comment Spam

Just like Duffbert, I started to receive comment spam. I’m adding the list of IP addresses here to help:

Keep on guard…

  • Did you see my comment on Duffberts blog?

  • I also get a lot of commentspam, I think I have been getting about 100 just today, I have implemented a codesystem that works pretty well, If the codes does not match I simply delete the post using the WebQuerySave agent.


  • @Bruce – Yup! I went to it, and am trying to digest it now. I don’t know if I am going to implement that solution, or the solution by Captain Oblivious (Rob McDonagh) found on his blog. Either way, I want to upgrade my template to the latest version first. Should this be considered an application enhancement request on

    @Thomas – Are you going to supply more details on what exactly you did???

  • Here is my simple solution that works.

    I am not using blogsphere, but I do use the Codestore url solution which I think blogshpere is using as well e.g ?Createdocument&parenunid=…

    1. In the WQO I create a unique id using @unique or using a finction which creates unique password which I display in a field on the form.
    2. I have added another field user can enter the code
    3. In the WQS I check if both the unique key field match, if not I delete the document.

    I Hope this helps