On my way home

I’m on my way home from my successful training sessions in the Chicago area. I stopped by a Panera Bread in the Oakbrook area to do some last minute replicating and thought that Ed Brill would have already tagged it via Plazes, but it wasn’t claimed yet. I want to thank the students and my contact, Linda Hantz, for her help for this week. They were a lot of fun, and they asked some great questions. They’re upgrading their version of Lotus Notes… I think that they’ll like the upgrade. Tomorrow is another class. Well, gotta get back on the road. Have a great night everyone….

On the road again… Just can’t wait to get on the road again…

  • Oakbrook = more likely to be claimed by Mr. Head. I haven’t even claimed the new Starbucks down the street from me. So many plazes, so little time.