Detroit Pistons – A solution to beating the Miami Heat

As I watched the Detroit/Miami game last night, I thought of a way to beat the Miami Heat. I can’t believe how simple it would be. Can anyone remember the ‘Bad Boys’ era of the Detroit Pistons organization? Part of what gave us our reputation was the defense played by Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn. When you drove the lane against them, you were going down… and going down HARD! Then, they would stand over you while you were down and remind you that if you drove the lane again, you were going down hard again. It was simple… and it was a foul. Now, I don’t normally advocate intentional fouls, but since the refs are calling the Pistons for breathing on Dwyane Wade and not calling Wade and Shaq for charging, you might as well make the fouls count.

I call for Laimbeer and Mahorn to pull the Pistons aside and show them how to do it ‘old school’. Let’s hear it… BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS!

  • You might like this. From the 06/05/2006 Cleveland Plain Dealer:

    “Bob Feller, the right-handed maestro of the mound during the Indians’ glory days of the late ’40s and early ’50s, wants to get his hands on, of all things, a Detroit Pistons cap.

    Why? To wear it at Cavs’ games courtside, he steamed, a reaction to star hoopster LeBron James’ choice of a New York Yankees baseball cap for his postseason interview.

    “We’ll see how he likes THAT,” said the 88-year-old Feller, who spent most of his baseball life locked in combat with the fellows who wore that cap while they, for most of a decade, edged the Indians out of postseason competition.

    And he still doesn’t like to see anything Yankee, especially on the head of a Cleveland sports hero.”