Michigan Knights of Columbus State Convention

My nephew and best friend, Jim Vote, just called me to give me an update on what happened at the Knights of Columbus State Convention, which is held on Mackinac Island every year. (This was the first year since I was 18 years old that I did not attend the convention.) I would like to congratulate Kevin MacFarland, Sr. on a successful 2 years as State Deputy of the great state of Michigan. I was honored to be a part of it. Let me be the first person not on Mackinac Island to congratulate the following Brother Knights on their elections to state office:

State Deputy – Thomas M Wegener
State Secretary – John R “Bob” Moody
State Treasurer – Thomas A Marcetti Sr
State Advocate – Michael J Malinowski
State Warden – Robert “Bob” Fox

According to my nephew, it was a smooth election for the most part. Also, there was a suggested by-law change to raise the state per-capita tax, but it was defeated. There also seems to be some changes coming around with some of the programs… new directors, program changes, etc.. I hope that everyone had fun, and have a safe trip home.