Florida Trip 2006 – Day Five Wrap-up

Our day started a bit early (for a vacation) as Jennifer, Kiara and I ran to Wal-Mart to purchase our Disney Tickets. Then we got back, had a quick breakfast, and headed off to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We saw characters, had lunch, went on a safari, partied with the Lion King, and while Jennifer, Kiara and I found out why it was tough to be a bug (featuring the characters from ‘A Bug’s Life’), Tawnya and Elijah travelled to Everest to take on the Yeti. We left at closing, then headed back to the suite, where we had tacos, refried beans, chips and salsa, then we each retired to our rooms to rest up for tomorrow. The kids especially needed the sleep… they got attacked by ‘the cranky monster’.

Our pictures for ‘Day Five’ are up on Flickr. Some of the pictures did not turn out well, especially on the safari and while in the ‘Festival of the Lion King’. The dude on the safari was flying thru, so getting a focused shot was hard, and I was experimenting with the camera in the Lion King. I think that you get the general idea though.