Florida Trip 2006 – Day Six Wrap-up

Our day began at Disney-MGM Studios with some quick autograph signings, followed by some pin shopping and a visit to ‘Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage’, next we visited the ‘Voyage of the Little Mermaid’. Following that, we had lunch, then saw the Power Rangers, then Elijah, Kiara, Jennifer and I travelled to the world of Endor on ‘Star Tours’. We watched the parade there, then left to go to EPCOT. Once there, we got on ‘Spaceship Earth’ and then we all got to ‘Leave a Legacy’. Tawnya and Elijah got one picture (and some text) and then Kiara was suppose to get one one her own, but because I filled out the paper wrong (a cast member told me to fill it out that way), Jennifer and Kiara got a picture together. Then we walked to The Land Pavilion to get in a line for 40 minutes to ride ‘Soarin’‘. I think it was worth the wait. This ride actually has smell-o-vision!!! After that, we went back to the resort for some pizza and breadsticks and a latenight video. Most of us fell asleep during the movie. Those of us left behind turned off the movie and went to bed.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the pictures for day six are up on Flickr.