Lotusphere 2008… the silence here is deafening!

I see people are booking their spots for Lotusphere 2008, probably the biggest and most important one in a long, long time. The news over here is…

Scary, isn’t it?

By the way, has anyone ever ‘wrote off’ Lotusphere on their taxes? If so, ping me. I’ve got some questions on how you did that…

  • Not that it really helps in the US, but it’s definatly do-able in the UK (ie, I’ve done it).

    Over here, if you’re full time employed you can write the full cost off if your company say it’s required but they won’t pay for it (nice talking to the boss to get a letter). Or if you’re self employed obviously it’s a company purchase.

    Go on… You know you want to…

  • I write it off every year as a business expense against my consulting income. If you submit a “Schedule C” as part of your taxes because you earn non-salary income from one or more clients, you can deduct it there. If you are a salaried employee and do no other “side work” you probably couldn’t take the same approach, but that isn’t to say there are not other types of deductions that would apply. An accountant should be able to guide you better in any case.

  • Erica Germain

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