Anyone using Domino Admin client R7 in a mixed R6.5/7 environment?

All of our clients are R6.5 right now, but we want to start testing any changes for a possible R7 client release. There are also colleagues that are interested in getting their certifications upgraded for R7 before the end of the year.

So does anyone know of any issues with R7 clients accessing R6.5 Domino Servers? Oh, and before you ask, we are in the process of upgrading our servers to R7, but it may not be until January 2009.

  • Hi Ray,

    i did this without any problems. I used to 7.0.3 client to administer the server which is a mixed environment. Currently i am testing 8.0.2 and beta2 of 8.5 and that is working great too. For 8.0.x I opened a PMR if there are any problems when you use 8.0.x admin client to administer the “old” environment.
    –> no problems, you may use (supported) it was the answer from the support.

  • I’m running R7 clients against R6.5 servers with no problems except for the admin client, been bitten a couple of times and went back to doing the admin stuff with the R6.5 client.

  • Nothing comes to mind but I am using an R8.0.2 admin client to administer servers from R5,6,7,8 and have no problems that i recall.

  • 10k users in 6.5 and 8 clients, all running on R7 servers. So far so good!
    Users email db still in 6.5 but NABs converted to R7.
    R8 users have their mail template version 8.0.2 on R7 servers, works as well.

  • I’ve been in that situation for years, no issues so far supporting a mixed client and server version deployment.