SNTF: How to stop your BES from trying to access a Domino Server

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘Show-n-Tell’, and I meant to do this a few weeks ago, but ‘baby’ happens…

One of our sites were going to have major electrical work done over the weekend, which meant that the Domino Server at that site would have to go down.

We had no problem with this, but the BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) was going to scream that it could not access the data for those users located there. We had to find a way to prevent the BES from kicking back error after error.

Thanks to RIM Support and my colleague, a way was discovered, and it was very simple.

From the Blackberry Manager, select ‘User Groups’, then create a group for your users. (In my case, my group name was ‘SiteName Users’.) Next, select the server, then right click on the column header to get to the Column Chooser dialog box. Add ‘Mail Server’ to the visible columns, then select OK. Now sort on that column, then select all of the users that are on the server in question. Next, right click, and select ‘Assign to Group’, then select the group you just created.

Now that you have all of the users from a specific server in a group, you can go back to ‘User Groups’, then select and right click on the group, and select ‘Disable Redirection’ like in the picture below:

It takes a while, but it eventually tells the BES to stop ‘talking’ with the user stuff.

Once the servers were back up online, I went in and enabled redirection:

After that, everything was gravy.

I hope that this tip helps others… Let me know in the comments!

  • Thanks a lot. This is going to help a great deal when it comes to DRP.

  • I suspected something like this answer.
    Could you not instead just turn off your monitoring for a few hours or change the notices to NOT send anything with server xx name?
    It all works the same in the end, just offering other choices.
    And to those that say but then nothing gets monitored by BES how would you know if something happenned, well yes, but really you don’t think you would notice if email wasn’t flowing from your BES Emoticon
    Or for those with a 3rd party monitoring system, we use RAPSCAN which checks BES too, you can usually disable or tune the alerts.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • @2 (Keith) – The only problem with turning off monitoring is that you turn it off for everything, and we do use a 3rd party monitoring system. Our standard operating procedures forbid us from turning it off, especially for ‘certain special’ users.
    This seemed to be the quickest way to get to the endpoint.
    Six of one… half dozen of the other I suppose…