Announcing the 2014 IBM Champions – I’m honored to be selected!


They announced the 2014 IBM Champions for ICS this morning, but I wasn’t in my email yet when a colleague came by and congratulated me. Sure enough, as I looked at the list, I could not believe it… I WAS CHOSEN AS AN IBM CHAMPION!

Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would be on the same list as many of those that have been and currently are IBM Champions! I consider all of them as legends and heroes in this space.

I was honored to be nominated, and even more honored to be selected. Thank you to those of you that nominated me, and I hope to live up to the honor. Congratulations to to all of you (past and present) who have been selected.

I hope to see you all at IBM Connect 2014!

  • cwhisonant

    Congrats, Ray!!! Looking forward to seeing you next month!

  • Russell Maher

    Congratulations Ray! You are strong with The Champion Force.

  • Roy Rumaner


  • You are my no.1 favourite nominee this year, Ray. So richly deserved for your efforts over such a long period. I am thrilled for you.

  • Gregg Eldred

    A very hearty and warm congratulations, Ray. I am very happy and honored to know you. Now, have a celebratory beer. πŸ™‚

  • Karl-Henry Martinsson

    Congratulations! See you at Lotusphere! πŸ™‚

  • Lotusevangelist

    DUDE! We need to brew a beer now πŸ™‚