Live blogging at IBM Connect 2014

I’m going to attempt to live blog the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2014 (#IBMConnect).
I’ll do my best to keep all of you up to date with what is happening during the main events.
I will also try to get my colleague, Jessica Daniels, to blog about #IBMConnect on her blog, Domino Dev with JD.


Heads up if you used the #IBMConnect ‘My Schedule’ iCal export

IBMConnect2014This was announced a couple of hours ago on the #IBMConnect site:

Please be advised that if you used the My Schedule page and have already setup your schedule, downloaded the iCal and imported into your calendar, you will want to do that again to get your timezone information correctly imported.
We have made an improvement to the iCal download that we have tested with many calendaring clients that will correctly import the timezone information. When you get to Orlando your devices and normal calendar will adjust properly and have sessions at the correct times!

So if you used the iCal export, looks like you might want to do it again… You don’t want to end up at the wrong session…

See you all in Florida!


Resolutions are DUMB… here are my GOALS for 2014! (Thanks Brian Brushwood!)

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! This is the time of year when people come out with their annual resolutions, and in the past, I was one of them. This year, I’m thinking more realistic… I’m setting GOALS! Brian Brushwood (website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+) has helped me see the light! Because of his guidance, I’ve decided to set GOALS for 2014, so without further delay, here are my GOALS for 2014:

Exercise 4 times a week
Brew a batch of beer every 2 weeks
Lose 50 pounds by 31 December 2014
Have a ‘date night’ with Jennifer every two weeks
Have 1 family activity every month
Write down my angry feelings (including date/time) in Evernote AND LET IT GO!
Create a respectable bar, including the correct liquors and glasses
Plan a family trip to another state by 31 October 2014
Learn Domino application development and create an application
Set up my man cave

By placing them out in the open, I’m now held accountable, and I hope YOU will help me with this. Feel free to ping me, call me, text me, call me out… I promise to work hard on making these real and measurable.

Here is Brian Brushwood’s video that inspired me to write this post. Hopefully it will inspire you as well:

Have a Happy and Successful 2014!


Error with Notes Traveler To Do app on iOS – Fix coming, but workaround available

There was a issue reported to me by a very important colleague related to the To Do app running on his iPhone. When he tried to sync between the Traveler server and his device, he got this error:


After a quick call to IBM Support, I was given my answer:

There is a recently discovered problem in the ToDo app that causes HTTP requests to be malformed when the server redirects the requests.  A fix will be published to the App Store, however, it may take 1-2 weeks to appear.  In the meantime, the customer can avoid the issue by instructing the affected users to modify their account settings in the ToDo app.  In the space reserved for the server
name, please use instead of, for example.  This will avoid the HTTP redirects which trigger the problem and should allow the device to sync normally.

A quick fix, with a more permanent one coming… Well done, IBM!!!



Social Media Trends in 2014 #GetRealChat December 10th at 9PM ET w/ #IBMConnect

getrealchatJoin the #GetRealChat on Tuesday, December 10 at 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 7pm MT / 6pm PT

Join Pam Moore, host of the weekly Twitter chat, #GetRealChat on Tuesday, December 10 at 9pm ET as she talks with experts about Social Trends in 2014 in HR, digital experiences, social business, mobile, analytics and cloud.

IBM is joining as a special guest on #GetRealChat 12/10/13 at 9:00 pm ET. Below you will find more information and details for how you can join the conversation.

Topic is Social Trends in 2014

Conversation will include

  • Building a smarter workforce,
  • Creating exceptional customer and digital experiences
  • Mobile, analytics, cloud & social business trends

Guests: Mark Fidelman, Forbes @MarkFidelman, Beverly Macy, Huffington Post @BeverlyMacy, Jeanne Meister, CoFounder Future Workplace @jcmeister

Join Conversation:

I’ll be there… hope to see you there!


You can also follow & engage in the conversation real time via the following hashtags!






Announcing the 2014 IBM Champions – I’m honored to be selected!


They announced the 2014 IBM Champions for ICS this morning, but I wasn’t in my email yet when a colleague came by and congratulated me. Sure enough, as I looked at the list, I could not believe it… I WAS CHOSEN AS AN IBM CHAMPION!

Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would be on the same list as many of those that have been and currently are IBM Champions! I consider all of them as legends and heroes in this space.

I was honored to be nominated, and even more honored to be selected. Thank you to those of you that nominated me, and I hope to live up to the honor. Congratulations to to all of you (past and present) who have been selected.

I hope to see you all at IBM Connect 2014!


My new post on the Detroit Notes Professionals User Group blog – ‘IBM Connect 2014 – Here it comes!’

I’ve posted a little something about my feeling on IBM Connect 2014 on the Detroit Notes Professionals user group site, which is found at The post includes why you should go, some tips and an invitation to meet up. Check it out here:

IBM Connect 2014 - Here it comes!


Open Mic Webcast: All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving – 13 November 2013

Join IBM’s Rene Jenkins, along with several other members of the IBM Notes & Domino teams as they discuss the All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving.

Topic: All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving
Day: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-5 hours) for 60 minutes

This presentation and discussion will cover the following topics:

  • Education & inspiration to use the tool to automate diagnostic processing
  • Problem solving for common tasks such removing a profile document
  • Analyzing searches for duplicate templates or “Out of Office” configuration analysis
  • Guided options to perform required tasks, eliminating the need for multiple resources

Get more info here.


Goodbye 1999 Honda CR-V (22 April 2002 – 29 October 2013)

You were a good car… and I hope that your new owner enjoys you as much as we did…

2013-03-09 13.53.39 2013-03-09 13.54.22 2013-03-09 13.54.51

Via con Dios!

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Any Notes/Domino Developers in the Detroit, MI area looking for a job?

My employer is looking for someone… and it could be you! Take a look at the job listing, and if you think you have what it takes to work with an award-winning developer (and me), then apply now!


(If you do apply, send me an email and let me know… just interested to see who’s reading this… Thanks and Good Luck!)

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