The Bad News…

The bad news is that I haven’t received anything from anybody concerning my abstracts submitted for Lotusphere 2005, and because of other factors out of my control, it looks like I will NOT be attending Lotusphere this time.

The worst thing about it is that this is the year that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to attend. There’s going to be stuff on Workplace, ND6 and ND7. I think that I would have gotten a lot out of it.

Good luck to all those that will be going. It looks like there are going to be some great sessions. I’m especially going to miss attending “OpenNTF – An Open Source Community” BOF and “The Lotus Blogging Community” BOF.

UPDATE (12/7/2004): I got the official NO from “The Lotusphere 2005 Content Team”. I know that I’m not suppose to feel this way considering how many submissions there were this year, but given my mood as of late, I feel like I suck I’m not a good person, and that the “gods that pay for Lotusphere” are frowning on me. Oh well, at least I’ll see some great presentations when it’s over. (They WILL make the presentations available for download later, won’t they?)