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The coolest thing to see

the coolest thing to see is when you are just sitting and all of a sudden your belly is doing the wave. when the baby moves it is like a ripple affect. It just amazes me. Not only am I feeling this baby but everyone else can see him move.
thanks for listening to me go on.
take care,

amazing thing that I’ve seen in our family room

Wow! I was getting Kiara and myself ready to finally go to bed.  It is pouring outside and has been raining hard all night.  I opened the family room doors to see how high the water was in our back yard.  As I closed the doors and was ready to leave the room I notice out of the side of my eye something hopping.  I thought great its a cricket and I am not going to be able to sleep.  I turned on the lights and it is a very tiny frog.  It was the size of my vitamins.  It was trying to get back outside so I got a cup and helped outside.  I love frogs but not in my family room on my floor!

Bug bite

Hi everyone is there any suggestions you can send to me.  Kiara had a bug bite on the side of her face by her eye before she went to sleep.  She woke up with her eye swollen and the bite is swollen.  I gave her allergy medication but don’t know what else might help.  Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

About my toe

Thanks to everyone.
I think I just have a very bruised toe. I am able to walk on my foot without any pain. I am just glad it is summer. I can wear my flip flops and not have to worry about my toes being pushed together. I am also glad that Ray lets me stay home and be with Kiara. I don’t have to worry about shoes in the house.
His favorite thing to say (bare foot and pregnant) that is what I am most of the time since I am home a lot.

How can you tell if you broke a toe or two?

I  was walking into our family room and hit my foot on the corner of the couch and heard a big crack.  The two toes next to the big one are in lots of pain and being pregnant I can only take tylenol.  I can move them but it is painful and they are swelling.  Putting ice on it only makes them throb more.  Wow I feel like a little kid  complaining.  I am going to try to put a pillow under it and try to sleep.  Any advise is welcomed.
Take care and God bless,

Amazing Feeling

Yesterday was the first time I could see and feel the baby kick me.  Wow  it was great.   I keep trying to have Kiara or Ray  try to feel the baby but they might get a little twich but not much feeling but of course I was alone both times I saw the kick.  The kicks are very hard to me but I am hoping soon that Kiara and Ray can feel the baby like I can.  We are going to be in our 24th week tomorrow.  
We have started D-junking our room that will be the new office.  Wow the stuff you  collect over the years.  We will be having a hugh yard sale soon.
Well I hope that everyone reading is having a great day. Take Care,